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I don’t often have the energy to sit down and write a blog post but when I do I’ll at least link to them here. If this changes I’ll probably use something different for distributing posts.

Postfix Haskell Devlog - 2020 - 2023 2023.08.01

This is a series of Twitter threads I converted into a blog post for easier reading.

Research in English 2023.07.30

Here I give a brief overview of how I made A website which generates news articles from research papers.

WebAsembly Design Flaws 2023.04.18

Hopefully I’ll make a video about this eventually too.

All about Kribensis 2022.11.30

Facts about kribensis (an aquarium fish).

State of Postfix Haskell - May 2022 2022.05.06

This was originally posted to giving a brief overview of some of the challenges I’ve faced while making a language which compiles to WebAssembly.